Pippi Longstockings, Jungle Book animals, Harry Potters, Cats in the Hat, superheroes and all manner of other storybook and fictional characters took over Westmere School on Friday.

It was the end of the school's Book Week celebration and students and staff spent the day dressed as their favourite book character.

Principal Phil Walker said it was the first Book Week the school had run and it had sparked the imagination of students.

"We have had people here to read books to the students, there has been a writing competition and a competition for the best costumes for two students in each class.


"We [the staff] are book lovers and we have brought in our favourite books and shown the students what we read."

The week ended with an afternoon of activities where junior and senior students buddied up in pairs to complete challenges based around The Jungle Book and Badjelly the Witch, completing a book cover, identifying book characters and putting their own story to a comic strip.