Although the rain came at lunchtime, the crowds enjoyed a bright, sunny morning at Marton's Market Day on Saturday.

Musicians, performers and 160 stalls of food, arts and crafts lined the streets and filled Marton Park.

Brazilian drumming group Samba Ao Vento filled Broadway with the sound of Latin beats, while stilt-walkers poked their heads well above the crowd and a roaming juggler threw his balls to children who wanted to get in on the act.

Among the stage performances of the day was magician Joel Fenton and comedian Vinyl Burns.


Mr Burns got a mixed response from the crowd, with hesitant laughs sometimes giving way to quizzical looks.

"Don't worry Marton, my performances are like an awkward road trip to a mediocre destination," said the comedian.

Rain cut the festivities short around lunchtime and organiser Cath Ash said she was disappointed the day ended on such a wet note.

"It's such a shame - I tried to book the weather for the day but someone must have lost the paper work."

She said some of the performers chose to soldier on through the rain.

"We had the Living Hope Samoa youth group ... the poor guys carried on performing despite the rain. I love that commitment.

"The same with the Sons of Samoa - they just kept on going."

She said the day gave Marton a great opportunity to show visitors what the town had to offer.

"There were people from as far away as Christchurch, Wellington, Taupo and Hawke's Bay, so they come from quite a distance."

But Ms Ash said the main thing was that the event was about the local people. "It's the most amazing day when the community comes out and has a whole lot of fun together."

Marton mother-of-two Alice McIber said the day had been thoroughly enjoyable, despite the turn of weather. "I try to come here every year for the boys - it's been really fun."