There's a familiar look to the latest exhibition at the Rayner Brothers Gallery.

Andy Candy is a collection of works by Mark Rayner, Paul Rayner, Sam Mitchell and Gavin Hurley. And while the works are varied, they all have one thing in common: Andy Warhol.

The exhibition includes Mark Rayner's distinctive rug portraits - featuring well-known Warhol portraits such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley - ceramic plates by Sam Mitchell and Mark Rayner and Andy Warhol-style wigs from Gavin Hurley.

Ms Mitchell's plates feature paintings of Andy Warhol grouped with celebrities such as Jerry Hall.


The show also includes a wall of small Polaroid photos of everyone who came to the show's opening on November 4. The photos were taken by Mr Hurley.

"We thought it was appropriate since Warhol did a lot of Polaroid works," Paul Rayner said.
Mark Rayner said he was not sure who came up with the Andy Warhol theme.

"We met Gavin and Sam when they were Tylee Cottage artists-in-residence last year. "Andy Warhol was a theme we were all interested in."

¦ Andy Candy closes on December 3.