Paul Ego will be in Whanganui next month, along with the rest of the 7 Days "A team" for a show at the Royal Wanganui Opera House.

Asked if he has some Whanganui jokes up his sleeve, Ego says he has plenty.

"Up my sleeve, in my slippers and I've even put some in the family cat so I'll have to bring it with me."

Ego says the last 7 Days show in Whanganui in 2012 was a memorable one and he thinks the Opera House is a great venue.


"I hope the Durie Hill Tower lift will be running.

"I've heard that people go up there and never return."

Joining Ego for the show are host Jeremy Corbett and comedians Dai Henwood, Jeremy Elwood, Urzila Carlson, Ben Hurley and Josh Thomson.

Each member of the team will perform seven minutes of stand-up comedy in the first part of the show and the second half will be a "no-holds-barred" game of uncut 7 Days with no cameras, censors or editors.

"The format will be the same as the TV show but instead of the My Kid Could Draw That segment we'll be doing My Audience Could Draw That, says Ego.

"Children under 15 can't come to the show and you know I barely meet the age restriction myself."

Ego said Southland comedian Thomson will be joining the 7 Days team at the Opera House for the first time.

The 7 Days TV show, created by thedownlowconcept production company, first screened in 2009 and is up to season nine.

Asked if he ever has moments when he gets tired of the show, Ego said he still "lives and breathes" for it.

"I think to myself 'Wife and kids, who are you? I want to get back to my real family'."

7 Days Live is on at the Royal Wanganui Opera House on November 30. Book at, at the Opera House or phone 06 349 0511