Award winning hairdresser Samuel Monaghan will open his barbershop this Saturday, to bring the old school trim to Whanganui.

"What I'm trying to do is bring it back to what it use to be, barbershops were a pillar in the community for a guy to go, haircut or not."

Customers are promised an authentic experience complete with cut throat razors.

"The razor's great, we use hot towels and oils to get the skin ready and the open blade just gets that little bit closer. Appearance wise you can really notice the difference," he said.


Mr Monaghan is the winner of the 2015 hairdressing Apprentice of the Year Award but says barbering should not be confused with hairdressing.

"Hairdressing is more creative, its about making the hairstyle for the individual. Where barbering is about perfection, there's a stock standard picture of what a guy should look like and you don't venture out of that too much."

He believes Kiwi guys in the past have been a bit relaxed about their appearance.

"Guys have usually just gone down for a trim, or they've got their own clippers at home and they get their mum to cut it."

But this attitude seems to have changed in recent years.

"Barbering's huge now, I think guys are finally investing a little bit into what they look like."

"Every guy looks good with a nice clean haircut kitted out in a suit."

Monaghan's Barber Shop is in Victoria Ave, near the Rutland Arms Inn.