Tree Gallery is continuing its tradition of combining ceramics and photography, with a joint exhibition by Emma Bass and Kate Fitzharris.

The exhibition will run until October 21. It combines Ms Bass's flower photograph, with Ms Fitzharris's whimsical ceramic figures.

Auckland-based Ms Bass draws her inspiration from the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or "the art of the imperfect". While at first glance her flower compositions look perfect, on closer inspection the viewer can spot the first signs of decay.

Ms Bass photographs her flowers in the stairwell of her own home.


Ms Fitzharris is based in Dunedin and has become known for her doll-like figures, which are made to look like well-loved antiques.

Ms Fitzharris hand-forms the ceramic aspects of her works, as well as incorporating found elements.

Tree Gallery co-owner Emma Camden said the joint exhibition was a good way to celebrate Tree's new premises. The gallery recently moved from Moutoa Quay to 37 Taupo Quay, opposite the Sarjeant Gallery.

Ms Camden said the move had been very positive for the gallery, as they now got a lot more foot traffic.

"It's a really vibrant part of town. We've become part of a Taupo Quay 'art walk'."

Ms Camden said she had had many out-of-town visitors to the gallery, who were impressed by all the galleries along Taupo Quay.