A heat pump, fresh paint, new carpet - after a year of being homeless Chloe Sharrock and her children can't believe their luck.

The four moved into a Housing New Zealand (HNZ) house in Whanganui about 10 days ago, after spending a year sharing her brother's cold, damp house and then a month in emergency accommodation provided by community development organisation Te Ora Hou.

"I'm so grateful. If it wasn't for them I don't know where I would have gone with my kids," she said.

Her new home in a quiet street is just right for the family.


"This is my home. I'm here to stay now," Ms Sharrock said.

It has been exciting arranging possessions in the new house. A lounge suite had become mouldy while stored at her brother's house. She threw it away and friends gave her another one.

She also had to replace a fridge, with help from Work and Income New Zealand (Winz).

Her children love the new house, and have friends across the road.

Daughter Jaydee, 9, has rheumatic fever but her health has been quite good in the new house. It is dry and has a new heat pump.

"This house is even warm without it on."

Ms Sharrock has been waiting for the house for weeks. She was on the HNZ waiting list and first offered a house in Aramoho. She refused, because she wanted to stay close to the Tawhero community and school.

She was offered her current house a month ago - when it was in bad shape. Since then it has been carpeted and painted and is like new.

All the paperwork was handled by her case manager at Winz.

Ms Sharrock pays $104 a week for the house, which will go up to $193 a week if she gets a job. She's also paying back rent arrears to a previous landlord, at $10 a week.

Now that she's settled, she has time to think about other plans.

"My goal was to get me a house. My next goal is to look for a job. I've got a lot of qualifications to be an administrator," she said.