Pokémon, Greek gods and golfer Lydia Ko may not have a lot in common but they all made an appearance in the Brunswick School production Go for Gold last week.

The production, performed in the Brunswick Hall for a group of families and Kai Iwi School pupils began with children Nicky (Ella Winton), Alex (Eli Kuehne) and Jesse (Ruby Winton) playing Pokémon Go.

Their father (Matthew Barron) encourages them to watch the Rio Olympics on TV instead and they begin a discussion about the origins of the Olympic Games.

They ask for help from Siri (a computer program that works as an intelligent personal assistant) who appears in the human form of Molly Fothergill resplendent in silver skirt with matching antennae.


Siri takes the children on a journey back to ancient Greece where they meet some Athenian philosophers and warlike Spartans.

Throughout the play, they would meet chariot racers, mosquitoes, weight lifters, equestrians, rowers, rugby players and runners as Siri guided them through Olympic history.

Parent volunteers, especially Linda Gibson-Dark and Maree Squire are to be congratulated for excellent costumes and the cast performed brilliantly.

Even the smallest members performed on cue when the rewind button was pushed and they had to reverse their movements.