Increasing Whanganui people's access to the internet was the aim behind setting up a new tech shed at the Whanganui Learning Centre.

The shed officially opened on Friday morning.

The project was about four years in the planning and a combined effort between the Wicksteed Community Trust and the WLC.

Most of the money came through fundraising efforts by the two organisations.


WLC manager Gail Harrison said the idea was that the public could come in and connect to internet and enjoy all the benefits that came with that.

But there would also be support and training on hand.

"This provides a place where people can come in and engage in training and access the internet - whether it's getting whatever trade licence they need to get, all that learning online," Mrs Harrison said.

"We've just had people here who for the first time have said that they're connected to the internet and connected to Government departments and Google docs and are able to apply for jobs online and all those sorts of things.

It would provide a much needed service to the community.

"A whole range of people come in here to access community support and training."

"Whanganui says that it is a digital leader but many people in our community cannot access digital stuff.

"Even though people might say people are digitally connected, they can't afford to get onto the internet. And that's really important.


Mrs Harrison said the tech shed had everything required on hand.

"It's got all the stuff that people need to be online and communicating, and be online and doing stuff that is required in our day to day lives," she said.

The tech shed will be open from 9am to 3pm daily and on the weekend by appointment.