Seven years ago Jane Beamsley began volunteering at the Wanganui Cancer Society as a receptionist.

It was something to do while she was looking for a job in Whanganui.

But it ended up being her job over the next seven years and after several different roles she officially started as the Cancer Society's Whanganui manager last Monday.

"I was actually living in Australia and moving back to Whanganui and I knew it was going to be hard to get a job," Ms Beamsley said.


She was soon offered part time work on reception and enjoyed being part of the organisation.

"I think the people that I was working with made it a really nice environment to work in and it was sort of the feel good factor of working for a really trusted organisation that does good stuff for the community."

Ms Beamsley later picked up more hours as a health promoter, leading sun screen and smokefree initiatives, and was later made the centre's volunteer coordinator.

She is now the longest serving member of the Whanganui centre.

"I sort of feel like I know the place inside out," Ms Beamsley said. "And it was a matter of either training someone for the position or doing it myself. So I thought I'd put my hand up and give it a go."

She hopes to continue to expand on what the Cancer Society offers in Whanganui.

"For our people here in Whanganui I really want to raise the profile of the Cancer Society and what we do so people know they can come to us and know what services we can provide them."

But none of it can happen without fundraising.

"That's the biggest pressure of all because we don't receive any Government funding. To run the place we need to rely on fundraising events and community donations."

There are two opportunities to donate to the Cancer Society over the next week.

Land Clearing Wanganui will be running digger rides for $2 at the Wanganui Chronicle Home & Lifestyle Show this weekend with all proceeds going towards Whanganui branch.

Meanwhile, Daffodil Day is next Friday.