Whanganui District has a healthy crop of would-be mayors to contest this year's local government elections.

Seven people have put their names forward, including three current councillors, one former councillor, and one member of the rural community board.

The 12 council seats will also be hotly contested, with 33 candidates for the seats. Only four of the current councillors will not be seeking re-election, although one of those is standing for mayor only.

Numbers for the rural community board are low, and Whanganui is the only contested sub-division.


The full list of candidates is:

Mayor {one vacancy):
Craig, Helen
Dahya, Randhir
Jarden, Andy
McDouall, Hamish
Osborne, William
Stevens, Ray
Taylor, Alan

Council (12 vacancies):
Abbott, Alan
Anderson, Charlie
Baker-Hogan, Philippa
Baron, Steve
Bennett, David
Brougham, Ian
Bullock, Jack
Chandulal-Mackay, Josh
Cleveland, Murray
Craig, Helen
Dalton, Kyle
Doughty, Brian
Duncan, Jenny
Falconer, Craig (Frog)
Fallen, Ross
Firmin, Kiritahi
Hardy, Doreen
Hill, Dave
Hood, Stan
Joblin, Kate
Johnston, Bevan
Matthews, David
Mudgway, Tony (Mudgie)
Reid, Hadleigh
Reweti, Phillip (Bear)
Sheehy, Jill
Smith, Rory
Stevens, Ray
Taylor, Alan
Urry, Matthew
Vinsen, Rob
Wills, Rangi
Young, Graeme

Wanganui Rural Community Board
Whanganui subdivision (two vacancies)
Hackett, Peter
Matthews, David
Wells, David J

Kaitoke subdivision (two vacancies)
Ashworth, Bill

Kai-Iwi subdivision (three vacancies)
Dick, Michael
Falkner, Sandra
Skilton, Grant