Wanganui Competitions Society's annual music competitions were held in Whanganui last week.
The judge was Ludwig Treviranus from Wellington. Here are the winners:

Cups & trophies:
Joan Burnett Challenge Rosebowl - Bryn Morgan
Cuthbertson & Lee Ltd Challenge Trophy - Emma Akkerman
Gordon McBeth Memorial Cup - Joe De Coster
Margaret Saunders Challenge Cup - Melody Crosse
Purdy Challenge Cup - Advina Wu
Southgate Trophy - Reuben Akkerman
Connells Music Centre Cup - Advina Wu
V Rata Johnston Challenge Cup - Annabella Stephens
Cottle Cup - Annabella Stephens
Woodwind Cup - Kimiora Delamere-Heap
Brass Solo Challenge Cup - Francis Gregory
Ross Challenge Cup - Annabella Stephens
Wansbrough Cup - Liam Boessenkool
Phillipa Safey Challenge Cup - Marcus & Rosalia Nyssen WCS Instrumental Ensemble Shield - Xavier & Antonia Gregory & Elise Nyssen

Judge's awards:
Wanganui City Orchestra Cup - Kimiora Delamere-Heap
Griffiths Family Cup - Xavier Gregory
De Zoysa Trophy - Annabella Stephens
WCS Shield - Francis Gregory
Maddox Family Shield - Junior - Zoe Crosse
Maddox Family Shield - Senior - Advina Wu
A C Richdale Cup Junior - Marcus Nyssen
A C Richdale Cup Intermediate - Isabella Schwartfeger
Isabella Trussell Scholarship - Xavier Gregory
Wylie Piano Duet/Trio Scholarship - Melody Crosse & Emma Akkerman
Concert Class - 1st Annabella Stephens, 2nd Liam Boessenkool, 3rd Xavier Gregory

Intermediate - Joe De Coster
Senior - Liam Boessenkool


Incentive awards:
Rosabella Gregory, Bryn Morgan, Zoe Crosse, Abraham Beer & Thaddeus Gregory

Cups & trophies:
Diane Moreland Challenge Cup - Devika Madhu
De Lacy Cup - Alyssa Hartley
Armitage Jewellers Cup - Sarah Judd
Nita Oldham Challenge Cup - Caitlin Comer
Drew Challenge Cup - Shaila-Anne Hawkins
Eric Lind Challenge Cup - Jack Southee
Renee Pink Te Arawa E Trophy - Marla Beissel
Tim Lawson Challenge Cup - Nina Peck
Wanganui Amateur Music & Dramatic Society Challenge Cup - Caitlin Comer
Madam Ivy Perrett Challenge Cup - Nina Peck
J A Shanks Challenge Cup - Wilma Glassey
Wanganui Male Choir Shield - E Awa Kids Choir
Dee Gray Memorial Trophy - Allyssa Pram

Judge's awards:
De Zoysa Trophy - Shaila-Anne Hawkins
Watson Diction Cup - Nina Peck
WCS Shield - Dorothy Yap
Muriel Tinker Cup - Brylee Noble
Phyllis Nettlefold Award - Nina Peck = Marla Beissel

Junior - Alyssa Hartley
Intermediate - Caitlin Comer
Senior - Brylee Noble

Incentive awards:
Devika Madhu, Sophie Toyne