Sacha Keating says there is plenty of creative talent in Whanganui but there needs to be more to show for it.

And he is on a mission to do that with his recently released compilation album of Whanganui musicians.

Keating has produced a 16-track album of Whanganui music called Two Tongues, a collection of tracks from artists he has worked with over the past five years.

"Basically it was to try to blend our local artists, regardless of their genre. Also with a bilingual element, having te reo tracks," Keating said.


"It's everything from reggae to hip hop to neo-soul."

Keating runs audio and visual production company Te Aio Productions and produces local music. He is a musician too with groups such as RedBack Villan.

Keating said it was the first Whanganui compilation to be released in a couple of decades and a true collaboration between local artists.

The album features striking cover by photographer Tia Ranginui shot at the Savage Club Hall.

The album title reflected bilingualism and the fact that lyrics often contained double meanings.

"We've got a high calibre of artists here but what we don't have is output because we don't have an industry. We don't even have a CD store in town," he said.

"The musicians have always been here in this town but what we have lacked is production."

It is something Keating is working to change - harnessing Whanganui's talent and creating product through recorded music while he is also branching out into video production.

"It's really about having a service for your community," he said. "And pushing musicians and producers to create and finish a product. Technology now enables you to do it wherever you are," he said.

"There really is no obstacle apart from it's getting harder and harder to procure funding."

Keating said he would like to produce another compilation but it was time consuming.

"The amount of time I spent recording, mixing and overall producing, it's hard to put a figure on that really."

The album was made with funding from Whanganui District Creative Communities Scheme and the Whanganui Musicians' Club with only 150 copies available.

"It's a treasure for those who are truly into it," Keating said.

It can be bought for $20 from the Whanganui Musicians' Club, GatShack or Sarjeant Gallery.

-We have three copies of Two Tongues to give away.

To enter the draw email with 'Two Tongues draw' in the subject line and contact details in the email by Tuesday.