Whanganui will be presented to the world next weekend.

The city's mayor Annette Main and innovation leader - special project Marianne Archibald will travel to Columbus in Ohio for the Intelligent Communities Forum summit.

Whanganui was this year named as a Top 7 intelligent community by the international forum which focuses on development in the broadband economy.

The overall winner will be announced at the summit.


Ms Archibald, who was instrumental in Whanganui's application, said they would be making a presentation to the summit about the city and its development around technology and collaboration.

"We also have an interview with (Intelligent Communities Forum co-founder) John Jung on stage about our Top 7 status and what Whanganui has been doing," she said.

Ms Main said the summit would be a great way to promote Whanganui to local politicians and business people from around the world.

Meanwhile, a delegation from Moscow had especially asked to sit down with the pair to discuss Whanganui's development.

"It's huge. Especially for a little place in New Zealand," Ms Main said.

It was fascinating some of the world's big cities were interested in what Whanganui was doing, she said.

"I know that John Jung when he was here said there is something about this place that is not easy to explain. That is around the sense of community and around a community working together to lift itself and where technology is a big part of that.

"I think it's pretty amazing that we've managed to achieve so much and get into the top seven."

Meanwhile, Ms Archibald said they would be taking over to the summit products and information from Whanganui businesses such as Pacific Helmets and Tasman Tanning to have on display.