Residents of Parkdale Drive woke yesterday to find their street had been attacked.

Houses, cars, driveways and footpaths had been extensively tagged. Several cars had also been broken into.

One of the worst-hit houses was that of Liz Wake. One entire wall of Mrs Wake's house has been tagged - right next to where she and her husband were sleeping.

The tagging includes obscene words.


"A neighbour was driving past and saw it, and they stopped and knocked on the door and told us. When I saw it I felt sick," Mrs Wake said.

"It's terrible to think they came that close to where we were sleeping."

She's lived in the street for 13 years and has never experienced anything like it.

"I did always think that side of the house was a bit exposed, but I certainly never expected this. Generally, it's a good street to live in."

Mrs Wake said she had only just recovered from a water main malfunction on her property a year ago, which left the house flooded and damaged.

"And now this. The whole side of the wall will have to be re-painted," she said tearfully.

Family visiting Balwinder Kaur last night had their car broken into and a bag stolen.

Ms Kaur said all seemed well when her husband came home at 11.15pm; but by 12.45am, when her family left, the car, which was parked on the road, had had a window smashed and its contents ransacked.

"None of the cars parked on our section were damaged," Ms Kaur said.

Mark Kennedy's car was also broken into, and left with a smashed window and extensive tagging along one side and on the bonnet.

"They smashed a window, unlocked the car, and they've been through everything.

"It will cost a bit to fix [the tagging] but the car is insured."

Alan Morris wasted no time in trying to clean the tagging off the front of his house.

"I walked out to get the newspaper and my neighbour across the road called out to me. We've got some tagging on the front of the house and on the footpath outside the house. I've never seen anything like this here."