Last weekend's bad weather has caused minor damage to Archer's Bridge at Mowhanau.

Whanganui District Council spokeswoman Sue Dudman said the bridge, which crosses the Kai Iwi Stream, is still structurally sound after it was inundated by water from the flooded stream at the weekend.

But she said there has been some erosion around one of the abutments and there was also a large amount of timber jammed under the bridge.

Ms Dudman said the contractor would return next week to place riprap (rock material) about the abutment to protect it.


"During this visit the debris beneath the bridge will be removed and the sand ramp to the seaward abutment reinstated.

"We anticipate that the forces of nature will continue to attack and erode the seaward abutment landing."

Ms Dudman said the bridge would need ongoing maintenance to "remain effective".