Raumati woman Robyn Taylor is hoping someone will recognise this picture of a young WWI soldier she believe came from the Marton area.

Mrs Taylor is hoping someone can name him.

"My grandmother, Pearl Nagle, died at a good age in 1976. We found buried deep among her possessions a photograph of a nameless young soldier. At the outbreak of WWI Pearl was living in Marton so we assume this soldier was from there also."

Pearl's life moved on from Marton after she married and moved to Wellington where she had five children, Mrs Taylor said.


"But all the while she treasured this photograph (for 50 years) and the memory of this man (her childhood sweetheart?) His note, "Just for old times sake - J.P.? (Egypt)" - has left us wondering his name and with the hope that he survived to return to New Zealand."

To honour both Pearl's memory and her unknown soldier Mrs Taylor painted a small collage work and has submitted it to the NZ Academy of Fine Arts for the Art from the Heart Exhibition shown as part of the Wellington Arts Festival where it sold.

When she realised that Pearl's granddaughters had kept his photo for a further 40 years she did another work using images of his portrait, taken in Cairo.

"I know it's a long shot but I would appreciate if you could publish this (very young) soldier's photograph in the hope that someone may recognise him and can research his military records."