A day-long festival of talk and ideas will be live-streamed in Whanganui tomorrow and free for participants.

The day is TEDx Wellington, a conference of people listening to short, entertaining speeches on "ideas worth spreading".

It's run by volunteers and funded by sponsors and the speakers are "not there to sell you anything or convince you to do anything".

TED stands for Technology Education Design. It started in the United States with conferences on ideas, then the talks became available online. TEDx events are organised by licensed independent groups and have been held in large New Zealand centres.


The theme of the Wellington one on Saturday is: trust.

"Most details are being kept a secret but TRUST US, it'll be worth checking out," the publicity says.

Whanganui resident Trish Summers has been a fan of online TED talks for five years. When she heard of the Wellington event she wanted to go - but the tickets sold out in two minutes.

She asked Melita Farley and Kevin Double whether they would live-stream it in their central Whanganui office. She had met them at GovHack and their Jelly Fridays. They thought it fitted well with their goal to revolutionise adult education and said yes.

It will be the first time a TED event has been screened live in the city, Mr Double said. The only other provincial centre where this one will be live-streamed is Masterton.

The day will run from 11am to 5.45pm, in three filmed sessions with breaks in between. People can watch it at home on their computers, but going to the Double Farley office will be more social. Attendance is free, with free Wi-Fi and refreshments. People can talk to each other if they want, interact online with the speakers or other live-streaming groups, and take part in mystery activities.

"There's a part with balloons. Just come along if you want to know what happens with balloons," Mr Double said.

Ms Farley hopes people will meet others, and discuss ideas of relevance.

"People getting together often have really good ideas."

The two have had help with the streaming - a projector from Mainstreet and refreshments provided by Whanganui and Partners.

-The Double Farley office is at 15 Watt St, on the top floor above Westpac bank. Access is from Watt St by stairs or lift. People can come for as long as they like tomorrow. For more information, go to tedxwellington.com.

-The next Jelly Friday, when people who work alone can bring their computers and work in the Double Farley office, is on March 18 from 9.30am to 4.30pm.