An Aramoho man was bound, gagged and robbed last week after falling asleep at home with his doors open.

Police received reports about late Thursday night or early Friday morning of a robbery in Flemington Rd.

"He's been watching TV, all his doors open because it's really hot, and he's gone to sleep in front of the telly," Detective Senior Sergeant Neil Forlong said. When the man woke up, he was "confronted by two people who bound him and gagged him".

The pair took the man's credit cards, made him tell them his PIN, then left.


"He's managed to free himself and called for help from neighbours," Mr Forlong said.

"We've recovered some items of interest."

Among items recovered was the victim's wallet, he said.

"We believe that it isn't a random attack, although he doesn't know the attackers.

"We're working on it now, and we're following up some good lines of inquiry."

He said the victim had behaved appropriately. " ... he hasn't put himself in danger. He's done the right thing by freeing himself and calling for help."

The man could have been bound for "up to an hour".

Mr Forlong wanted to remind people to secure their homes, despite the heat.