It's been a solid year on the road for Anthony Stretch, but next month Whanganui will be one of the last pit stops before the Hawke's Bay musician hits the studio.

Better known simply as Stretch, he will play the Whanganui Musicians' Club on March 4.

"I'll be recording once I get off the road, songs collected over the last couple of years," he said.

Coming at the end of such a road trip, Whanganui fans can expect a polished performance.


"That's a good way of going into an album," Stretch said.

"Making sure things really work and finding out what doesn't."

Stretch has recently returned to the Hawke's Bay after "busking his way around the world" and playing in bands in Auckland. "I think I got really serious with the solo stuff a couple of years ago," he said.

"It was just an endless slog trying to get three or four or five other people at 100 per cent. It never quite clicked."

His collection of songs has been written and honed over a couple of years.

"What I like is that they stand up with just me and a guitar. If a song can do that, then it's a good song."

The singer-songwriter will come to town armed with a guitar, harmonica and kick-drum.

"I always love it when I get into a bar and there's wooden floorboards and I can stamp my foot. I love the rhythm of that."

That crosses over to Stretch's kick drum. "I love the effect. It gives it a dynamic."

This is Stretch's third national tour in the past year.