Warrick Funnell of Funnell Adventure Tours sent in these photographs taken on a recent offroad safari.

Mr Funnell said they show how the June floods will have an impact for quite some time.

"Lake Mangawhio is, or was, a 3.8ha lake in the Ngutuwera, inland from Waitotara.




"I was told it was formed around the time of the great Taupo eruption which is dated at 186AD. So it's been there for a day or two. There are several lakes in the area and all were formed by major landslides across gullies. As a result of the devastating June flood, the exit of the lake became eroded with the huge amount of water flowing out and the lake wall was breached. The lake is now about 5-6 metres lower than before the flood."

Mr Funnell said the power of water was "incredible".

"The gorge that was gouged by the escaping water was more than considerable. The petrified trees that still stand in the lake after nearly two centuries of submersion are also an amazing sight," he said.