Last month's flooding provided the first big test of Wanganui's newly completed fibre broadband network.

William Hamilton, chief executive of Ultrafast Fibre, said the company has done spot testing of the network since the state of emergency was lifted which showed the network had held up.

"We had roadside cabinets go underwater and a few pits," Mr Hamilton said. "It was a real good test, and you always like to get lessons out of it, [but] generally the system held up well. The overhead lines, they held up as well."

Once floodwaters had receded and access was granted, Ultrafast Fibre and Transfield Services began washing down and removing silt from roadside cabinets and replacing damaged infrastructure.


"It is great to know that the network is able to continue operating as normal, even throughout an event like that in Wanganui," Mr Hamilton said.

During the peak of the flooding and shortly after, there were some service failures but that was due to issues such as power failures rather than the fibre network. The Wanganui network was officially launched two months ago and Mr Hamilton said scoping and installations were continuing. He encouraged anyone who had an issue with their broadband to contact their retail service provider first.

"This has had a huge impact on homes and business and we are keen to help get the region back up and running again," Mr Hamilton said.

Meanwhile, 10 per cent of Wanganui properties that can connect to fibre have now have done so.