Mobility scooter users are being warned off travelling on Wanganui streets.

This comes after reports that some scooter users have been seen riding through controlled intersections and around roundabouts.

Sergeant Colin Wright who heads the Whanganui Police road policing group, said it was illegal for mobility scooters to be on any road. The only time they can use the road is when there is no footpath available.

"Even then we expect them to keep to the left," Mr Wright said.


He said there had been a growing number of incidents of scooters using city streets and these had been reported to the city's mobility scooter users group as well as Roadsafe co-ordinator Glenda Leitao.

Ms Leitao said they wanted to get riders off the roads "before something dreadful happens".

Anyone seeing this sort of activity should contact police.

Mr Wright said he had recently spoken to the local mobility scooters user group and explained the laws about using their machines.

"But unfortunately there appears to be a small number of users, who are not members of this group, who are using the road," he said.

"No one needs a driver's licence to use one of these scooters, and they can easily be bought off TradeMe or through retailers.

"While they're a wonderful device for those disabled people, they can be very vulnerable if taken on the roads," he said.