The teenager who was stabbed in the face on a central city street in Wanganui in November was released from Auckland Hospital at the end of December.

His sister, Talisha Edwards, said he was receiving rehabilitation.

Sixteen-year-old Manutahi Edwards was visiting Wanganui and staying with his sister when he was stabbed in the face with a screwdriver. The stabbing was so violent that it pushed a piece of bone up into his brain. He was initially taken to Wanganui Hospital then airlifted to Wellington Hospital's Intensive Care Unit for treatment, but medical staff said it was too dangerous to operate to remove the bone.

Manutahi was moved to Auckland Hospital around the middle of December.


Wanganui police were still looking for the attacker who is described as a male Maori, 1.83m tall, with a number one haircut. He is believed to have had a beige pitbull with him.