A 21-year-old man has pleaded guilty to an assault charge after punching his partner in the face.

Tiaki Kemara, 21, was charged with assault with intent to injure and was remanded on bail by Judge Russell Callander for sentence on March 8.

On December 9, 2011, Kemara and his partner were at his home, having had a number of family and friends there during the evening.

Kemara was very drunk.


At 10.30pm, the pair were at the house with their 10-month-old baby when the victim mentioned to Kemara she'd had a good evening and had enjoyed the company of his friends.

Kemara took exception to the remark, became extremely angry and they argued. He pushed the victim up against the wall in the lounge, and put his hands around her throat, making it hard for her to breathe.

He then let her go, throwing her to the ground.

The victim screamed at Kemara that she was going to leave, and ran for the door, but he blocked it so she couldn't leave.

She ran out another door and down the road to get away from him, but Kemara shouted at her from the house, saying she had left the baby in the house, and told her to come back.

At that point, the victim became worried for the welfare of the child, so she went back to the house, but Kemara locked her out.

She banged on the door for him to let her in so she could get the child, and he opened the door, punched her in the face and closed the door again.

She continued to bang on the door and, in her frustration, smashed a glass panel.


The victim went to hospital with a small laceration on her arm and swelling to her nose.

Raukawa Simon, appearing for Kemara as duty solicitor, said Kemara had issues with the summary of facts, but understood that in pleading guilty they were accepted as read.

Ms Simon asked that the non-association condition in Kemara's bail conditions be wiped so he could see the victim, as they both wished.

Judge Callander ordered that a condition not to be violent toward the complainant replace it.