Florist Tania Byford has moved across Taihape's main street into new premises which are three times the size of her former shop.

Being the only the florist between Hunterville and Taupo means her business is flourishing especially with people travelling north and south dropping in daily.

"I have a lot of customers where people are travelling through and decide flowers are the answer for that special gift.''

Larger premises have Ms Byford to stock a wider range of giftware. As well as toys,crockery and artworks, there are two large racks of beautiful Italian cotton and silk women's clothing.
"It's very popular and very special.''


Although Ms Byford has been back in Taihape for 15 years she still misses the city life.

"We came back when I was pregnant and it was the right thing to do. But I do miss the city lifestyle and I loved living in Petone. It was like a little village on the outskirts of the big city. It was perfect. I even didn't the mind those bitter winds that blew in off Cook Strait.''

But there no plans to go back, she said. "No, now we're in Taihape and we're staying."

Her new Blush store is three times the size of the former store.

And because it is prominently positioned on a corner of Mainstreet, Hau tapu street motorists can't miss it, she said.
"It has made a big difference to our daily business.''
Though Tania works most days alone when it comes to Anzac Day on April 25 she is forced to call in the troops.
"Well we are the only florist near the Waiouru Army Base and our Anzac Day order is huge at least 57 wreaths.''
Tania and two extra staff members work a hectic schedule two days before Anzac Day, because the work load all but quadruples, she said.
"There are so many floral tributes needed because apart from the wreaths that go to Waiouru camp there are also dozens of tiny outlying rural areas in this district who have special Anzac ceremonies and they order wreaths too.''
And Mothers Day is another biggie, she said.
"We are the only florist around in a big country district and flowers for mum on Mother Day are always the way to go for many which of course I totally agree with. Flowers are always a very sound decision.''