Jane Hayman has a catchy slogan which is a perfect fit for her recently opened Victoria Ave shoe store - Posh Comfort.

Ms Hayman's in the business of selling shoes "that will take you from pavement to party".

She's been involved in the wholesale and retail business for 30 years and opened her Ave boutique women's store less than two months ago.

"It's essentially a shoe shop covering the middle to high end market with comfort and fashion shoes," she said.


Posh Comfort also stocks accessories so a woman buying shoes at her store can add to those and, in her words, "build a story".

While the concentration is on footwear the shop stocks jewellery, handbags and one rack of clothing.

"It's interesting because some shoppers will come in and buy a pair of shoes, then try on a top and get a handbag and off they go. It happens quiet frequently, certainly more frequently than I imagined," she said.

Ms Hayman imports her shoes and the main source is hand-made shoes from Mexico. It's something she's been doing for the past three years. Before opening the Ave store she had a shoe shop in Bulls and built up a supportive clientele.

"There's a place for this sort of boutique outlet in Wanganui and it does draw people. I can't tell you the number of people who have already come through from Bulls, Marton and Feilding, people who have come through because they shopped with me in Bulls."

Ms Hayman said those were markets she believed Wanganui retailers needed to tap.

She has lived in Wanganui for 18 years and says she loves the place: "There's a lot going for Wanganui and we'll never leave here."

And she doesn't think there's any gamble in her opening the boutique store here.

"People like nice things at affordable prices and if you're good at marketing the business will succeed.