There's a market for the high end of the rental property market and one Wanganui company knows all about it.

Landlords Link operates from its office in Dublin St and this week is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

This locally owned and operated business has been growing steadily and recently took on another two staff to bring the total number to seven.

Tracey Onishenko, the company's managing director, puts Landlords Link's success down to the dedicated staff who deliver professional and friendly service at all times.


"Our focus is on providing quality properties and we take the time to get to know the tenants' requirements," Ms Onishenko said.

"It's essential to link them up to the property best suited to their needs because this makes it more profitable for landlords in the long term.

"Not only do the tenants stay longer it will save the landlord in fees for the changing of tenants," she said.

She said the property market has definitely changed over the years with a larger supply of rentals in Wanganui.

"Many high-quality properties are available to rent for most of our out-of-town immigrants, who choose to rent top-end properties instead of purchasing as they may only be in Wanganui for a year or two."

Ms Onishenko said there had also been a notable change in property owners who were leaving Wanganui for short periods to travel or have a change of lifestyle and now offering their homes for rent.

"So we're getting high-end properties that usually wouldn't be in the rental pool.

"And it's the same with top-end properties that aren't selling. Those owners are choosing to rent them out and move on with their plans," she said.


She said it was apparent that both landlords and tenants appreciated the service their business provided.

"Once they rent from us and they need to change properties, the majority have stayed with us and we found them what they needed. Our unique point of difference is the property management is our core business, and we have unique fee structures to meet individual clients' needs."

The company is a member of the Independent Property Managers Association.

Landlords Link was recognised in the 2011 Business Awards picking up the trophy for professional service business excellence - an "amazing experience", said Ms Onishenko.

"I'd recommend all business owners to go through the entry process as it gives you a great reason to review policies and procedures and make goals to where you want to go," she said.

She said her company's business reach had been steadily growing over the years without excessive advertising, "just the good old word of mouth referrals which is always fantastic and rewarding".

Landlords Link also had a pool of professional tradespeople it could access to provide services to landlords.