Waihi Teenager Cass Magyar had a compelling reason to sacrifice her beautiful locks when she shaved for blood cancer research recently.

Cass' dad Steve and granddad John Mycroft have both been dealt the "bad luck" of having to battle with leukemia.

"They are both doing good today, but they have individual days," Cass said as she smiled for a photo.

The Shave for a Cure campaign was planned from March 20 to 29 and every dollar raised helped fund research, and provide vital care and resources for the 2500 people affected that Leukemia and Blood Cancer NZ works with every year.


The Katikati College student used Facebook live to carry out the fundraising shave and raised a much-appreciated $1098 for the cause.

She had planned to carry out the shave at school but instead worked with what she could to take the event to an audience, over Facebook.

Donors gave as much as they could afford - sometimes just a few dollars - during the financial pressure of level 4 lockdown and Cass was buoyed by the support.

"My goal was $700 because I knew people were saving money at this time, so if I reached that amount it would've been awesome.

"I had heaps of small donations but every dollar counts. I had an anonymous donation of $2 which pushed me to $1000."

Cass' mum Georgia says it was surprising how many people got behind it.

"There were people you wouldn't expect who donated money, some real blokey blokes," she says.

The family - including Steve and John - support numerous charities and each do what they can for their chosen ones.