Mike Morgan gets a lot of attention in his 1932 Ford coupe.

So do his feet.

The surrealist artist often paints his feet to match his hot rod prized possession with glowing orange and red flames, with matching toenails too.

It's just a bit of fun, he says.


''One kid the other day asked if my feet were real,'' he says.

If he's having an art exhibition — and sometimes at car shows — Mike brings out the flamed feet.

Mike Morgan's toes.
Mike Morgan's toes.

Mike says he has about 300 paintings. He recently had an exhibition at Waiheke Island (where he's originally from) and donned the flame feet for the event. But that was a few months ago now and he can't take paint off his toenails - he has to wait for them to grow out.

They'll be right on point for the Warm Up Party, he says.

Mike is a regular at the Beach Hop and has only missed two in its 20 year history. He's also been to most of the Waihi Warm Up parties.

He'll be one of the classic and hot rod cars lining the streets at the always popular Warm Up Party on March 25.

Mike takes his car ''Lucy'' with registration plate 1Lucy1 along to most car shows throughout the region. The hot rod is his first. He always wanted one and bought it in the Hawke's Bay in 2002.

Lucy was named after The Beatles 1960 hit Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. Mike always loved the song.


Although not a huge fan of fab four in the 1960s, he's started buying CDs and records in recent years.

■ Mark your calendars for the OceanaGold / Go Waihi Warm Up Party in the town centre on March 25.