You don't need a car stereo if you own a V8.

There's no stereo system in Vivien and Graham Gerrand's 1972 Plymouth Satellite and they've never missed one.

They doubt they could hear music over the distinct roar of their prized V8's grunty motor.

There's just something about a V8, says Vivien, who owns Paeroa's Arkwrights Antiques.


The Plymouth is a copy of Richard Petty's famous Plymouth Superbird. Graham is a massive Petty fan.

''Why? Because Petty is the greatest NASCAR driver in the world, he's amazing,'' Graham says.

The car was bought as a do-up. It needed a new motor and transmission but it still has the original paint job. Graham has poured a few bob into it.

Their other car is a 2008 Maserati Gran Turismo which has a totally different driving vibe to the Plymouth.

The Plymouth is more ''old-school'', Vivien says.

''It's just a really cool sound,'' Vivien says.

''When you hear the sound of a V8 you look to see which one it is. You can hear them coming — and we all know each of them in this area.''

Vivien is a Rotary Paeroa member. She started the V8 show in Paeroa show 17 years ago (now called the V8 and Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet).


It began as a fundraising event which ran the day before the Battle of the Streets motorbike race in Paeroa. The bike race was on a Sunday every year so Rotary Paeroa set up the V8 and motorbike show on Saturday.

Vivien loves the annual show. She took a step back from organising it a few years ago.

''It's a wonderful show, there's people everywhere, there's music, and you're able to get up close to these beautiful looking cars.''

Vivien also set up the Valley Cruisers Car Club three years ago which has about 160 members. The club is looking for someone new to run it soon — call Angie Thompson if interested or if you'd like to join the club.

V8 and Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet
The V8 show in Paeroa began as a Rotary Paeroa fundraising event to complement the Battle of the Streets motorbike race in Paeroa.

Motorcycles were introduced into the show because many bikers were there for the Battle of the Streets. That show is no longer but the V8s have been going for 17 years.

A swap meet for motorcycle and V8 fans was included due to popular demand.

Previous shows have included a parade through the main street but Paeroa Rotary president Aloma Parker says there won't be a parade this year for the first time.

They try to introduce new aspects every year.

''Last year we had a drag car that took the then-mayor for a lap around the domain. A major drawcard was also a jaws-of-life demonstration. And for the first time we introduced a steampunk category which won the people's choice prize in the competition, so we're doing that again.

"We've always had live music, but this year we decided to ramp it up by inviting The Warratahs to play. And we're introducing the V8-themed wearable arts show.''

The day starts early with the swap meet setting up, gates open at 8am. V8 cars will start arriving and be parked up for display. The official opening will be at 10am.

There will be food and drink available, stalls, cars and motorcycles, a drag car and kids entertainment including a bouncy castle, face-painting, fire engine, candy floss and possibly clowns.

The Warratahs perform and the wearable arts show will be on the main stage.
Judging will take place including public voting for the people's choice category with prizegiving at midday.

Last year there were 110 V8s and 26 motorbikes. Aloma says there is more space available this time and they can accommodate more. Entries generally come from all over the North Island with plenty of local entries.

The event
What: V8 and Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet
Where: Paeroa Domain
When: February 29, from 8am