There are two confirmed cases of measles in Waihi.

The good news is these cases are most likely contained, says Waihi Health Centre practice manager Rangi Honey.

While things are changing all the time, right now Waihi has been very lucky, Rangi says.

''We have reacted really quickly, contacting people, tracing back those patient's steps and it is very lucky that these cases are quite localised.


''Where it gets tricky is when there is big gatherings or events, schools they have attended — it would be more widespread — but it is contained as of today (September 24).''

The confirmed cases are a female adult and an unrelated child. The child had spent some time away from school before becoming ill.

Rangi says the health centres in surrounding areas are in good contact with each other during this measles outbreak. There are confirmed cases in Paeroa (one confirmed, one suspected) and Katikati (one confirmed, two suspected) and none as yet in Waihi Beach.

''We are swabbing quite frequently and touch wood that it doesn't come back.''

Rangi says they want to get the message out to inform Waihi people and to be vigilant.
''Knowledge is power and if they can be more aware and informed then they can look after themselves and others. If we can vigilant together, we will get through this unscathed.''

Health centres are being inundated with measles inquiries. If you have symptoms, the advice is to call ahead and you will most likely be seen in your car. This is because the virus is airborne and can remain in the air for a few hours, Rangi says.

Waikato District Health Board's medical officer of health Dr Richard Hoskins says Waikato needs to be diligent in regards to symptoms as measles spreads very easily and can cause serious illness.

''Especially with our easy access to travel between regions. There is no advice to staying away from public areas or workplaces unless informed by the school principle or an event organiser etc, whereby the public health team will be working with them directly on a suspected or known case.''


From August 1 to September 24 there were 19 new confirmed measles cases in Waikato.

Measles outbreak
* The first symptoms of measles are a fever, runny nose, cough, and red eyes, and then a rash will appear.
* If you are worried that you or your family have symptoms (or have been close to someone with measles) stay at home and call your nurse, doctor, or Healthline (0800 611 166).
* Information can be found on
* The MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is free. 99 per cent of people who have had two MMR doses will be immune.
* Children under five are top priority for the MMR vaccine. More vaccine has been confirmed for New Zealand but practices will be operating waiting lists for those outside of the priority groups.
* People born before January 1, 1969 are also considered to be immune.
* If people have to travel to Auckland or overseas, please refer to the ministry's website for the most recent advice.