Casey Williams used to work for the biggest co-operative in the country, and hopes she can use those skills to promote Waihi further.

The mother of two says she gained a wealth of experience with Fonterra in Te Awamutu which she can transfer to Go Waihi.

''I was the site administrator and a lot of that role would transition into this one. They are such a big business in a small town but they were very involved with the community.''

Building business plans, problem-solving and placing college students into work experience placements were just some of the highlights, she says.


Casey started her new job as Go Waihi co-ordinator almost two weeks ago and has enjoyed meeting new people and establishing contacts.

''The people have been very welcoming which is fantastic. Waihi is the gateway to the Coromandel so as soon as you get here you feel like you are on holiday.''

The job at Go Waihi would also enable Casey to tap into her University of Waikato Bachelor's degree in communication.

''I can apply some of that training I completed and obviously built a passion for with Fonterra.''

Casey says Go Waihi is ''essentially about business and community networking'' and she was looking forward to getting stuck in.

''I love going out and talking to people...and I think Waihi is a fantastic town.''

Go Waihi chairman Kerry Single says Go Waihi was established in 1997 to promote the township as a place for people to ''visit, enjoy, work and live''.

He has been involved for 10 years and says one of the main highlights was the Waihi Warm Up Party for Beach Hop, which had gone from strength to strength.


''It's a real boomer. We get about 15,000 people into the town for one day and it's just great.''

''They come to see the cars and the shops and all the displays and it is fantastic.''

Kerry also paid tribute to Brian Gentle for putting all the building bricks into place for Go Waihi.

''We are just changing a few things around to meet today's needs.''

Go Waihi
* Go Waihi has strong community development initiatives in place, including those supporting culture and heritage, the arts and fitness and well-being.
* For more info phone 07 863 3030 or or visit them on Facebook.