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It's not often a homegrown skincare or beauty product gains cult status but that's what the best-selling luxury Belly Oil, created by New Zealand brand PURE MAMA, has achieved in just over a year.

This is due to the results pregnant women have seen after using the product, which was specifically created to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. (Scroll down to check them out).

Stretch marks are a common concern, especially during pregnancy, with many women agonising over how best to prevent or treat them at some point in their lives.

Research suggests between 75-90 per cent of women will get stretch marks during their life. Pregnancy, when the body grows and develops quickly, can make them more likely along with other skin concerns including tightness, itching and loss of elasticity.

Developed by local mother-of-two Lara Christie, PURE MAMA was born with the aim of providing deep, targeted nourishment to skin for expectant and new mothers.

When Lara was pregnant with her firstborn, she was shocked by the lack of pregnancy-specific and swell-tolerated body products available, and by how much she struggled to find anything suitable to use.

“I was especially surprised given our skin changes so much during this time,” Lara explains.

PURE MAMA founder, Lara Christie. Photo / Supplied
PURE MAMA founder, Lara Christie. Photo / Supplied

The range’s unique formula combines the powerful natural ingredients often found in facial skincare, such as pomegranate seed oil and concentrated levels of vitamin E, with a base of tried and trusted coconut and almond oils, to deliver remarkable results.

PURE MAMA Belly Oil launched in 2021, selling out in less than three months and leading to thousands of women signing up to waitlists to get their hands on the oil, inspiring the name, ‘liquid gold’.

Victoria Rou Rou is a soon-to-be mama of two who has found using PURE MAMA to be a pregnancy essential.

“My journey with PURE MAMA shows for itself how amazing this product is. I’ve used it daily, and I’ve had barely any dry skin, and it has reduced the visibility of my previous stretch marks. The belly oil has saved my growing bump and stretching skin.”

Individual results may vary. Photo / Supplied
Individual results may vary. Photo / Supplied

Viva’s beauty editor Ashleigh Cometti calls the Belly Oil a “holy grail product”. In her first pregnancy, she struggled to find a body oil to hydrate and nourish her growing body.

"A couple of weeks before falling pregnant with my second, I was introduced to PURE MAMA — and I haven't looked back. I've been using its Belly Oil from six weeks' gestation and despite grappling with nausea and vomiting throughout my first and second trimesters, I found the subtle coconut and vanilla scent gentle enough for my hyper-sensitised nose to handle.

"I'm now onto my sixth bottle (which gives you a clue as to how far along I am) but am sure I'll continue to use it after baby comes to combat any post-natal depletion and skin dryness."

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

Claudia Harris, now a mama of two, is one of the many women who’ve become PURE MAMA devotees. During Claudia’s first pregnancy, she used two expensive products to help reduce the likely appearance of stretch marks — but she still found herself developing many marks and scars regardless.

With her second pregnancy, she used PURE MAMA from 16 weeks onwards.

“I’ve been using PURE MAMA, morning and night, and my skin has completely transformed, it’s nothing at all like my first pregnancy. I’m beyond blown away by how amazing the oil and scrub are,” she says.

Many women are also using the product all over their bodies. Maisie Young, a customer who had only been using the Belly oil for just 13 days, was amazed by the results around her under-arm area.

She was quick to jump online and recommend the product: “The first photo was only 13 days ago. This pregnancy I’ve ended up with stretch marks by my armpit area and the Belly Oil has helped reduce the visibility of these in under two weeks!”

Lara and her team points out that each woman and her skin will respond differently to pregnancy and to PURE MAMA products. Some people are more predisposed to developing stretch marks, and it’s important to look after and hydrate your skin throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond.

Individual results may vary. Photo / Supplied
Individual results may vary. Photo / Supplied

It took over two years of intense research and development to create PURE MAMA’s unique blends and the company’s team of experts assessed everything from ingredient properties, benefits and drawbacks, skin compatibility, texture, absorption, shelf life, fragrance, and bottle functionality to potential risks for pregnant women and newborns.

The range was formulated by a leading advanced skincare chemist and biotechnologist to ensure each product is best-in-class and with a good safety profile for both mum and baby to use.

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