A Day In The Life With Victoria Harris, Co-Founder Of Finance Platform The Curve

By Ashleigh Cometti
The Curve co-founder Victoria Harris.

Plus, the beauty products the money and investment powerhouse uses that leave her skin feeling like she’s “had a facial every night”.

It’s a big ask — lifting the taboos surrounding money — but for Victoria Harris and Sophie Hallwright, friends and founders of finance platform The Curve, the

Together, Victoria and Sophie have not only forged a friendly, approachable platform that teaches women about how to be better with their money or discover the ins and outs of investing, but launched an award-winning podcast of the same name which delivers the same level of wit and charm whether talking about crocs or crypto (yes, they can co-exist).

As an investment manager and wealth management expert with more than 10 years’ experience in the finance industry, Victoria’s day varies depending on which city she’s in (she currently has split residency in Auckland and London).

In London, this looks like walking her puppy, Miso, to her local coffee spot before eating breakfast with a copy of the Financial Times, or while in Auckland, booking in for a Reformer Pilates class at the end of her workday.

But no matter which city she’s in, discover Victoria’s daily non-negotiables below.


I am such an early bird. I love getting up early and having a few hours to myself before the rest of the world wakes up. I find it super calming and peaceful.

I spend this time taking my little puppy, Miso, for a walk in the park or along the canal in Shoreditch. This time also includes a FaceTime to friends and family on the other side of the world.


I’m quite a creature of habit (as you will see) and I can’t start my day without coffee — bad, I know! Being a true Kiwi, this usually involves stopping off at an Allpress on my walk. I go for a long black with a dash of hot milk, always.


This is breakfast and reading time for me. Two boiled eggs and the Financial Times — lovely! I love catching up on what has happened in the business and finance world and seeing what would be important and interesting for our audience.

This is closely followed by clearing my 1000 emails I have received overnight … Being a global business means we always wake up to a million emails.


This is the time I set aside for deep work. This could be anything from creating educational content, updating financial models, prepping for our podcasts, meeting influential women in the UK, writing our weekly newsletter, communicating with investors — every day is different! I love this.


Lunchtime. I usually will make sure I head outside and get some fresh air. I try my best to practise time blocking my day to ensure I am as productive as possible. This means my lunch break is super important to reset and refresh my mind before jumping into my work for the afternoon.


Depending on what day of this week it is, we usually have a podcast record in the afternoon. I love the community we have built at The Curve and our dedicated listeners. Some people say recording two podcasts a week is a lot, but I love it.

As soon as Sophie (my business partner) and I jump into our studio, we have a great time. We have also had some incredible guests on the podcast so not only is it a great break in the day, it’s a way to meet people from all over the world. It’s also always super fun, and who doesn’t like having a laugh during their day?


I head to Reformer Pilates. This is a really special time for me as I can really switch off and focus on myself. Some people do yoga or meditation for that — I choose Pilates.

Ever since I injured my back a few years ago, Pilates has been a regular staple in my daily routine. My go-to spot when I am in Auckland is Sala in Ponsonby — I’m struggling to find somewhere as good in London.


Dinner for me is always early and nutritious. If I am not catching up with friends for a quick bite at a cute restaurant in East London, it’s an easy roast vege salad or something delicious from Miss Polly’s Kitchen — I’m obsessed with her recipes.


I usually log back on to my laptop and do a last-minute bit of work. Having the majority of our community in New Zealand, and being based in London means some unusual work hours. I like to make sure there is nothing urgent that needs addressing before I go to bed and set my intentions of what I want to achieve the next day.


I’m pretty religious about getting my 8 hours … which drives my partner crazy (he’s very much a night owl!). I start my evening wind-down with a thorough skincare routine — which is especially important living in London — of cleanser, vitamin C, moisturiser and finally Emma Lewisham Face Oil. It makes me feel like I have had a facial every night.

This is followed by a few chapters of a good non-fiction book; right now I’m reading Hidden Potential by Adam Grant — it’s amazing. Then it’s lights out.

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