Fish Parmigiana with Aubergine Recipe

By Angela Casley
Fish parmigiana with aubergine. Picture / Babiche Martens.

One of the most traditional and popular uses for aubergine is parmigiana. Pieces are crumbed with parmesan, fried until crisp and browned on top. Here, I have added fresh fish to the traditional tomato and cheese sauce, and made plenty so it makes a substantial meal that only requires a side salad. This is one of those great dishes that can be prepared ahead of time and then popped in the oven 30 minutes before serving.FISH PARMIGIANA RECIPEServes 4

1 aubergine, sliced in 1cm rounds1 egg, whisked with a little salt and pepper1 cup breadcrumbsOil to fry500g white fish fillets, cut into pieces1 cup tomato pasta sauce¼ cup breadcrumbs mixed with ½ cup parmesan and ½ cup chopped parsley

1. Preheat an oven to 180C.

2. Dip the aubergine rounds in egg and then breadcrumbs, covering them completely. Heat ¼ cm oil in a frying pan and cook the aubergine in batches for 3 or 4 minutes each side until cooked through and lightly browned.

3. Lie the aubergine on the base of a baking dish. Place the pieces of fish on top of the aubergine rounds. Pour over the pasta sauce and sprinkle with the crumb mixture.

4. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until golden and the fish is cooked through.

5. Serve with a side salad.

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