How Fashion Designer Juliette Hogan Makes It Work

Juliette Hogan. Photo / Supplied

It’s been a big year for Juliette Hogan. Last year she opened her new South Island flagship store in Christchurch, and this year, she’d planned to show at Fashion Week for the first time in five years, before it was cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid.

Rather than despair over reduced sales during lockdowns, the designer sought out new opportunities, launching her JH Lounge line and her new Australian website, supported by a recent visit to Sydney to introduce her JHL brand.

Her label also won the Supreme Business Excellence Award, Excellence in Marketing and Excellence in Customer Service Delivery awards at the Westpac Business Awards.

And, Juliette has recently been appointed to the board of Mindful Fashion, which aims to unite the fashion and textile industries towards a more circular future.

“I thrive on problem-solving and facing challenges and trying to figure things out,” says Juliette. Her timeless designs have allowed her to weather the challenges of Covid, as has her priority to deliver top-notch customer support. “And I think we’ve been really clever with the way we’ve not devalued our stock at the end of a season.”

Reflecting on her 18 years in the industry, Juliette says she now has the confidence to lean on her strengths in times of adversity. And if there’s anything the past two years have taught her, it’s that you need to find the positive.

“That’s very much how I am as a person,” she says. “[Covid] isn’t something we have put on ourselves. So you can’t beat yourself up about the situations you find yourself in. And it is literally just about spending time with people and putting in as much energy as you can to think about every scenario then planning for what the future could look like; but don’t be afraid of making big decisions or big calls to protect what you’ve created.”

As for her next collection? Fans can look forward to showpieces that play with volume, silhouettes and layers, alongside the ultra-feminine everyday-luxe pieces for which she’s become renowned.


I'd love to go to... Italy or Mexico. My partner Dion and I have a dream to take the girls and spend time living and exploring other parts of the world. I'm not sure when that will be yet we both love talking about various destinations but we dream of spending summer months in Italy exploring all it has to offer.

I'd love to own... a Deborah Moss piece. I've been eyeing up a painting called Dancing with Dusk for our kitchen.

On Instagram I follow... @Booketybookbooks for all things book-related and @Miss_pollys_kitchen for dinner inspiration.

The Floral Falls print from our 2022.ONE collection is so beautiful... and I have a couple of pieces from that story. I also love my Jil Sander boots that I purchased last year I'm excited now that the weather is cooler I can wear them again.

I'm reading... Aue by Becky Manawatu and loving it. I read Sorrow and Bliss (Meg Mason) and Greta and Valdin (Rebecca K. Reilly) over summer and really enjoyed both. All three authors are from New Zealand and two of the books are set in New Zealand. I'm in awe of how writers can translate their thoughts into such beautifully crafted language.

Beauty-wise, I love... Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. It's been a lifesaver for hydrating my skin this past summer.

My favourite spot for a drink is... Bar Celeste for the atmosphere and food. Omni for the Katsu Sando. Pici for its pasta and olive oil cheesecake (pictured). Taco Loco for the best margarita in town.

I’ve spent so little time... watching TV over the past months, unless it’s [kids show] Bluey. Most nights I sit down with a book or a puzzle to switch off from the day.

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