Everything You Need To Know About Auckland's Newest Boxing-Inspired Workout

The new fitness concept takes the bouts and braun of out boxing. Photo / Supplied

What sets Studio Box apart from traditional boxing training methods?
Studio Box is the fitness concept poised to redefine boxing. The concept has been inspired by what we saw internationally and the result is a high energy, immersive and low-impact workout that provides all the benefits of boxing without the bouts and braun. The boxing-as-group-fitness concept has been on the rise for a few years. We wanted to make boxing more accessible and take it out of the underground gym and take away the worry about getting hit. The workout itself is all about you, the studio is dimly lit, nobody's looking at you here or peeking over your shoulder, the focus is on yourself, it requires you to be totally present.

It’s a method that has been created to give you all the physical and mental benefits of boxing, plus people are wanting strength and high intensity in their workouts, so we have created ten rounds of boxing on the aqua bag mixed with full-body conditioning exercises. The speed you want to go  that’s over to you.

What sets it apart? The dimly lit room, the nightclub sound system, the lighting effects, the custom playlists. Combine these features with the water-filled punch bags that are safer to punch and more friendly towards your joints  we are the first concept like this in New Zealand. Put this all together, we hope to have made fitness fun for you, that’s the main goal  we have fun doing it all!

Studio Box founder and former Black Stick Dwayne Rowsell. Photo / Supplied
Studio Box founder and former Black Stick Dwayne Rowsell. Photo / Supplied

How many sessions per week would you recommend for optimum results?
Boxing is a lifestyle, the endorphins that you get from boxing are amazing  people always leave smiling. Whether it's your first class or 50th, we will show you how safe and easy it is. If you can see us a minimum of three times per week, you will start to see changes in your body, you'll feel leaner and stronger but ultimately the mental clarity and the fact you're learning a skill is going to keep you coming back for more.

Every Studio Box class is 45 minutes long, why is this preferable over a one-hour class?
We are all so connected today via technology, we wanted to provide a moment of escape where you aren't checking work emails, no social media, for 45 minutes you are being totally selfish. Any longer than 45 minutes and people's concentration and effort goes elsewhere.

What changes did you notice to your own body when you first started boxing?
When I started boxing, I immediately fell in love with the full-body workout that it provides. Every session requires you to be totally present and challenges you physically and mentally, not only that but that sense of calmness afterwards was second to none. Boxing makes me leaner and toned, it doesn't bulk you up  it was for this reason during my international hockey career that I took up boxing training. There has been a movement towards having a functional body and muscle, we believe boxing promotes this - you only have to look at most boxing professionals to applaud the physique.

Who are you specifically trying to target at Studio Box and why?
We are setting out to give boxing to everyone. Millennials, 2440-year-olds, 4050-year-olds  we have to make it work for everyone to be successful in group fitness. We believe the Newmarket location allows us to draw on all demographics and communities with both Southern and Northern motorway exits within 500m and classes available before, during and after work. We have designed the studio so it is not another 'get in and get out' group fitness experience. There are luxurious locker rooms and areas that promote hanging out, catching up with a friend pre or post class, or bringing your laptop and getting through some work.

The state-of-the-art studio has been thoughtfully designed to look like a lifestyle club rather than a run-of-the-mill gym. Photo / Supplied
The state-of-the-art studio has been thoughtfully designed to look like a lifestyle club rather than a run-of-the-mill gym. Photo / Supplied

What is the perfect pre-workout meal to fuel your Studio Box class? What about post-workout?
It's important to fuel your body with good food  each person has their own preferences with food and training times. Learning what works for each of us and listening to our bodies is the best thing you can do  this takes trial and error. Staying hydrated throughout each day is a must. Bananas and almonds are two great foods that work well before a class  you don't want to be too full but your body needs enough energy to make it through the workout and the protein to build and tone your muscles. Carb-rich foods such as pastas and bread can be too heavy to train on. Post-class, it's important to refuel with a mix of protein, carbs and fats that allows your body to recover. My personal go-to is scrambled eggs with mushrooms and avocado or if I'm on the run a protein shake.

How quickly can our readers expect to see results?
If you are coming 3-5 times per week you should start to see and feel changes in your body in two weeks. But remember, this is a lifestyle not a quick fix. You will notice the mental benefits of boxing almost immediately.

What methods overseas did you research when developing the Studio Box format?
Boxing-as-group-fitness has come off the back of Soul Cycle and the rise of group fitness that has boiled up in New York. There are many group fitness concepts that are expanding rapidly throughout the world and challenging the traditional big box gyms.

You talk about plans for expansion  what Studio Box goals do you hope to tick off by the end of 2019?
We are not just teaching people how to punch and get fit  we want this to become part of their lifestyle. With that in mind, Australia is our most frequently travelled destination and we would love for you to be able to take Studio Box classes when you travel across the ditch. This first location is proof of concept for us and our attention is locked in on delivering the best group fitness experience in New Zealand.

• Studio Box opens to the public on March 16 at 17 Crowhurst St, Newmarket. Visit Studio-box.co for more information. 

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