Love At First Seat

By Rebecca Barry Hill
Dedon Tigmi, POA, from Domo Luxury Furniture Concepts. Picture / Supplied.

Daring design-lover seeks big softie with style and quirky personality. Must be the strong, silent type, be up for a bit of romance, and love pets.

Yes, finding decent outdoor furniture is as tricky as finding a partner. You could make a commitment to the rattan type like everybody else, or find your perfect match in the Dedon Tigmi. Halfway between an outdoor settee and a shelter, this is the love seat to end all love seats. Jean-Marie Massaud, a French designer known for his unconventional, nature-inspired furniture, has created an unusually wide and deep sofa, that could comfortably fit two people, daybed-style, or accommodate several friends (if that’s what you’re into).

But what really sets it apart is its woven, detachable canopy, (not shown here), that gives the effect of a shady pergola or "palapa", an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of palm leaves. It's a sofa so desirable you'll be tempted to stay outdoors.

• Dedon Tigmi, POA, from Domo Luxury Furniture Concepts,

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