Some girls will splash out on a car, clothes, or make-up for their 16th birthday - but not Gabriella Axton.

The Tauranga teen decided to get something extra special for her sweet 16th birthday - gifts for Tauranga's most vulnerable women.

Gabriella, a Year 12 student at Mount Maunganui College, opted to spend $300 on making five care packages for Tauranga Women's Refuge instead of buying herself a gift.

Gabriella's drive to help others less fortunate than herself, combined with a hearty feminist spirit, was the inspiration behind creating the care packs.

The care pack goodies. Photo / Supplied
The care pack goodies. Photo / Supplied

"I've always been a big advocate for women's rights. I know a lot of the women that use the refuge have been through some pretty hard things.

"I have more than I need in my life so I was happy to use my birthday as an opportunity to help them."

Ahead of going out to buy the goods, Gabriella rang the Women's Refuge to see what was most needed.

The refuge suggested toiletries, so each pack held a selection of carefully chosen goods such as deodorant, toothbrush, razors and toothpaste.

A treat would never go astray, so each pack contained a block of chocolate to sweeten up the recipient's day.

The gifts were dropped off last Friday and have already been put to good use, Gabriella said.

Her mother Emma Louise Earle was "super proud" of her daughter for her meaningful gift.