Tauranga City Councillor John Robson is running for mayor and councillor-at-large.

"I believe I bring a little more than the current mayor," he said. "I can bring something he doesn't have. I can bring a little more energy. I also bring a degree of finance experience that's really important in a mayor. A mayor can set the budget of a city and I would love the opportunity to do that for the ratepayers of the city."

In a video interview with Local Focus, Robson said the obvious issue in Tauranga is transport.

"The quickest and most effective solution to the problems we have right now is to get a proper public transport system running. I campaigned in the byelection for free buses for children and we should be doing that."

The former management consultant who retired at 41, talked about Māori wards on council and why people should vote for him.

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