When she isn't at work, Kaitaia vet nurse Donna Badorek, aka Donna Dolittle, devotes almost every waking moment, and every cent she can spare, to rescuing animals, but now she needs a helping hand herself.

Long-time friend Lisa Ruatara said Donna's SUV, which she used to transport animals, had died, and could not be resurrected, so she had opened a Givealittle page to raise money to help her replace it.

"Donna has opened her home to hundreds of sick and needy animals, from farm animals to house pets. No animal in need is turned away," Lisa said.

"She and her daughters, along with volunteers, nurse the animals and then find forever homes for them. Now she needs our help to continue her animal rescue, by raising funds to buy a new SUV to battle the Far North roads.


"Her SUV, which she uses to transport these animals, has broken down and cannot be fixed. Her own personal car, which she then began using, became a victim of a blown motor from a rock hitting something underneath that caused it to overheat when she was on a metal back road due to being diverted after an accident.

"Donna is having to buy a new SUV for her animal rescue, and I want to help her as much as I can, and I am sure [many people] will feel the same."

Donna, who was always looking for volunteers and donations, could be contacted via her Facebook page.

Any money raised above what was needed for a new vehicle would go towards her day-to-day care of rescued animals.