Home advantage was not applied by the local east coast anglers who lost a longstanding contest against counterparts from the North Shore in Doubtless Bay over Queen's Birthday Weekend.

The visiting faction reeled in the heaviest three snapper to win the annual North Shore Challenge with a weight of 17.04kg to Doubtless Bay's 12.50kg (representing the total of three heaviest snapper caught by three different members in each club).

On behalf of the hosting Doubtless Bay Light Line and Rod Fishing Club, spokeswoman Liz Virgo congratulated the North Shore Surfcasting Club anglers.

"Been a while since we have not won this trophy, but those guys do fish hard, and when the going gets rough, they get tougher, or crazier." She noted the atrocious conditions over the weekend (the persistently heavy rain making Saturday by far the worst day) brought all sorts of challenges.


"The weather once more threw some rubbish at us, apparently it's a North Shore thing this year," she joked, adding, "thankfully there were no mishaps or harm to any humans although a few hair-raising tales made me doubt the sanity of some!"

Mishaps included two anglers tipping out of kayaks, resulting in a ruined soft bait rod and a sinking which saw gear lost including glasses.

"That kayak is going on the market," Virgo noted dryly of the latter case. She did note however that several who risked life, limb and gear in the event went on to take out the major prizes.

The top three heaviest snapper were 6.42kg by Nicholas Houghton (NS) 1, 5.94kg Luke MacDonald (D-Bay) 2, 5.56kg Mark Mortimer (NS) 3. Also, heaviest trevally: 4.26kg Kevin Oglesby (NS), and, heaviest kahawai 1.86kg Arynn Webster (D-Bay)

"Everyone ended up safe, we had a great competition and we will do our best to win it back next year," said Virgo, thanking everyone who turned up despite the weather, including those who were not able to get out and fish.

"If you were there, you saw it all, had a great time I hope. If you were not there, well that's a shame, you missed a great get-together."

On behalf of the event organisers, she also thanked Mindy and Luke, for the use of their premises and all the club stalwarts who pitched in, either by getting the prizegiving meal together including filleting and cooking fish or selling the raffle tickets.