. At long last our youth have been blessed.

For a very long time I know our local churches have prayed and prayed for our blessed youth to be given a opportunity, as we all know within our community the potential within, to open the paper and at last read our prayers have finally been answered.

Thank you very much Foodstuffs North Island CEO Chris Quin for making this possible. Thanks also to Andy Cuckney, for spear-heading this project. I can't wait to see all the wonderful blessings that are going to ignite from our youth.

As a grandmother, I see the wonderful God-given gifts my mokos have at last can now be shared and for all to enjoy along with the many other youth and all they have to give also, a place to at last call their own. No more boredom, no more crime.


Can you please make sure we have a well-stocked kitchen to feed our hungry youth? As a community we will also help to contribute.

When I read this article I jumped with joy, got in my car and went to tell my grandchildren all about this wonderful blessing. We are all so very happy, and looking forward to the opening day.

God bless everyone, but most of all thank you Lord for opening up the doors for our youth for a very positive future.