Key Points:

    The Year 6 DDF Diva Netball team dominated their Auckland competition.

A talented young Kerikeri netball squad has taken an Auckland tournament by storm.

The Year 6 DDF Diva Netball team travelled to Auckland to represent Kerikeri at the St John Auckland Tournament and clinched their age-group title in dominant fashion.

Demolishing every team they played, winning all five games and scoring more than 110 goals over the day, the girls shut down the other teams who could not score more than three goals.


The girls all won a drink bottle.

They were well drilled by coach Alannah Curtis who said the team were absolutely brilliant at the tournament.

"I am so proud of the girls and their achievement. They are all hungry for the ball and really dedicated themselves to learning and wanting to be better players," she said.

"They are all so determined and work so well together as a team. When they arrived in Auckland they just played their absolute best I have ever seen them and pushed themselves to their full potential.

"Even after five games they still had fire left in them."

The side had come together in pretty quick time, only being together for a term with just one 90-minute training session a week.

However, the 15-20 hours they put in over the holidays had them in good stead heading into the tournament.

Not content with their performance in Auckland, the side are gunning for another title at the Kerikeri centre.

"We won the first round of Year 6 netball and won all our games through to the final," Curtis said.

"We are in the second round as we speak and are looking at finding other tournaments to take the girls to but haven't had any success on finding any."

Curtis said the team could not have competed without the help of parents involved.

"Michele Leigh Curtis found the tournament for us and organised everything we needed to be prepared for our tournament," she said.

"She also takes care of our uniforms and things like that."

The players are showing a lot of potential and Curtis hopes they maintain the squad going forward.

"We hope to stay together as a team for 2018 and come back stronger and better by upskilling the girls on how to play a proper game of netball."