A nine-year-old Northland girl is about to sacrifice her hair to raise money for child cancer.

Ruby Tauri, from Russell, was inspired to cut off her locks after a young neighbour was diagnosed with leukaemia and an aunty in Australia with breast cancer.

On Friday a hairdresser will snip off 37cm of her hair, which is just over the length required to make a real-hair wig for people undergoing cancer treatment or with conditions like alopecia.

At the same time she is raising money through an online appeal for the Child Cancer Foundation which has so far brought in more than $1150.


Though Ruby has never had more than a minor trim before, she wasn't worried about losing her long hair.

''I have a few people in my family, and a neighbour, who have cancer and no hair so I decided to do it. I'm not really nervous, just excited. I just want to help people and make them happy.''

The Year 4 pupil at Russell School was ''very surprised'' by the amount of money she'd raised so far.

Initially she'd hoped to raise $100. Her parents encouraged her to put the target up to $500, then $600, but Ruby has now almost doubled that.

Proud dad Ru Tauri said she had been growing her hair for this purpose for the past five months. She was so serious about it she'd even been taking supplements in the hope of stimulating hair growth.

''She's definitely got a caring personality. If there's a cause she gets right behind it,'' he said.

Ruby will face the snip at 11.30am on Friday at Russell Hair Co. Go to createyourown.everydayhero.com/nz/ruby-s-hair-raiser to donate.