The Northland Muslim community have condemned the attacks in Sri Lanka.

Treasurer of the Northland Muslim Community Charitable Trust Shirley Rankin said the majority of victims were celebrating Easter in the churches.

"We know from personal experience how it feels to be attacked while at worship. This is something nobody should have to fear, anywhere, regardless of their religion."

She said although the Muslim community is grateful to the police for their presence outside mosques, synagogues and churches in the past month, it is something they hate to see in New Zealand.


"Kiwis don't expect to need to be guarded at their prayers. Neither did our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka."

Rankin said they "absolutely reject and denounce" the attacks.

"But just now we are looking at the faces of those who have been injured, threatened, terrified, or lost loved ones in the carnage. They look very familiar and, because of that, we can say our hearts reach out to theirs with extra understanding and compassion."