Cairnfield House resident Nellie Iles didn't really think Scottish country singer and songwriter Isla Grant would call in to see her.

But Mrs Grant made the special visit last Wednesday afternoon, ahead of her show at Forum North that evening, to the delight of 94-year-old fan Mrs Iles.

Cairnfield House's activities manager Mandy Houston emailed Mrs Grant in August to see if the singer could stop by while in Whangarei.

Mrs Houston said it was well known around the rest home that Mrs Iles was a big fan, and she said other residents liked her as well.


It showed, as about 40 residents packed into the room to meet Mrs Grant, who worked her way around the room saying hello.

But those expecting the singer to entertain them with a song may have been disappointed as she didn't have her guitar with her.

Instead Mrs Grant brought an album, a Christmas CD and a DVD for the rest home, and a bouquet of flowers just for Mrs Iles.

"She's lovely, she's a darling," Mrs Grant said of Mrs Iles.

The singer said she got asked to go to all sorts of places, but picked and choose the ones she went too.

Mrs Iles said it was a surprise to meet the Scottish singer, who she has been a fan of "for a long time", since she first came on stage.

"She's very nice."

Mrs Iles has most of Mrs Grant's albums, and has been to see her in concert.

Her granddaughter Lorraine Douglass was also there to meet the singer.

She said Mrs Grant was one of Mrs Iles favourite singers and her grandmother really enjoyed the chance to meet her.

"There was a big smile on her face when Isla walked in."

Mrs Houston said the rest home was lucky and privileged that Mrs Grant came along.

She said Mrs Grant's music and DVD are often played in the rest home.

"For Nellie to have that memory and for her granddaughter to share the memory with her, it's lovely."