Almost 2500 thousand Northland students took on this year's 40-Hour Famine, raising money for Syrian refugees.

While some participants opted to give up food, others gave up technology, furniture, talking and more.

There were 2487 students from 19 schools across Northland registered with World Vision, and more than 90,000 nationwide.

The 40-Hour Famine's official start time was 8pm on Friday but participants were free to complete their 40 hours when it suited them.


Tauraroa Area School held a sleepover at school on Thursday night.

Twenty-four students from Years 3 to 13 and four adults spent the night in one of the home rooms.

School prefect Kayla Paine was the main organiser of the event and said students held a sleepover last year for the same cause which was such a hit they decided to do it again.

The students played sport on the field and watched movies before bed.

"We had a couple of students at the sleepover who did no talking, no furniture."

Kayla said those doing no furniture weren't allowed to sit on chairs or sleep in a bed. Instead they made a bed out of a blanket.

She said because some people weren't eating, everyone else brought their own dinner - basic things like noodles.

Kayla went to a presentation in Auckland for the 40-Hour Famine and saw videos and heard from people who had been to Syria about the conditions Syrian children face.


"It's so plain, they had nothing."

She held a discussion at the sleepover after dinner about why they were doing it, and how the Syrian children didn't have playgrounds and things others take for granted.

"We're very privileged. They need help from others. The question we had was 'if not us then who?'."

She said the sleepover raised about $100 and students took part in individual challenges over the weekend, which bumped the total up.

Kayla did her bit and went without technology for the weekend.