The Raumanga land occupied by community hub The Pulse could pass back into local ownership if the Government recognises a Maori claim on the land.

But this won't save the Pulse-run community pool and buildings, which are set to be demolished by April.

The Pulse houses 33 youth and whanau service providers, ringed by community fields, basketball courts and a pool.

For 16 years it occupied the Ministry of Education-owned site and former Raumanga Primary School next to NorthTec.


The ministry is preparing to dispose of most of the 28,984 sq m site between Whaka St and Raumanga Valley Rd.

It said there were several steps to the disposal process which could include passing the land back to its original owners, offering it under a Treaty claim settlement, or holding it for a future settlement.

Whangarei hapu Te Parawhau is aware the site is entering the disposal process and is in talks with lawyers.

Mira Norris of Te Parawhau said the land is subject to a Treaty of Waitangi Claim and should stay in Crown ownership.

"And as far as we're concerned, any land the Government owns is subject to a Treaty claim.," she said.

Education Ministry head of infrastructure service Jerome Sheppard said Land Information New Zealand acted as its agent when disposing of land and performs checks on previous ownership.

Regardless of whether the land was eventually returned to Te Parawhau, the ministry planned to remove the community pool, which is normally open to the public over summer.

For more than a decade, hundreds of Raumanga families have flocked to the pool come early December, with Pulse staff organising a lifeguard.


The Pulse had also spent thousands of dollars upgrading the facilities around the humble former school pool.

The site is being subdivided so the ministry could retain He Matariki Teen Parent Unit and the adjacent daycare.

Former Whangarei mayor Craig Brown said he is determined the Pulse should remain at the site.

"I find it a damned disgrace it's been allowed to get to this [disposal] stage without anyone standing up and saying 'hold on a moment'."